Speaker slides round-up

Here is the list of slides from the sessions, we’ll be adding the rest as they come online:

Ryan Markel – Code Review: Keeping Things Secure, Clean, and Performant

David Smith – Making Simple Things Really Complicated: High Availability for WordPress

Teresa Lane – Content Modeling

Andy Nathan – 7 Scientifically Proven Steps To Engage Your Blog Readers

Mike Hale – Automating WordPress Plugin Development with Gulp

Jason Yingling – Getting to Know Underscores

Nile Flores – How to Make the Most out of Yoast SEO

Lucas Lima – Building a Simple Project Plan for WordPress Projects

Michele Butcher – Password, Attacks, and Security, oh my!

Chris Flannagan – Plugin Development 101

Shelly Peacock – Frameworks for Freelancers

Gregory Ray – Hardening WordPress, Again

Joe McGill – Optimizing Your Themes for Responsive Images in WordPress

If you know of one we haven’t posted yet let us know @wordcampstl

Meet the Business Panel

At 10AM on May 15th, we’ll be holding a special panel for business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Our panel consists of company owners, agency professionals, and entrepreneurs. They also have wide knowledge in various areas of business and WordPress.

In this panel, you can ask questions about how to get started in your own WordPress business, how to maintain and grow your business, and how to keep a positive image. We’ll start off with some prepared questions, and then open the questions to the room, so have your questions ready!



Our Business Panel

(in Alphabetical order)

Michele Butcher

A self-styled, proud graduate of the University of Inspect Element — aren’t we all? — Michele is a triple threat in the WordPress world:

  • Accounts Coordinator for Valet.
  • Support Guru for Give.
  • Support Engineer for Yoast.

Hailing from Carbondale, Illinois (the other, prettier part of Illinois), she’s also the lead organizer of the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup and teaches beginners’ WordPress at John A. Logan College.

Twitter: @Michele_Butcher

Site: Can’t Speak Geek.

Chris Flannagan

Raised in South Alabama, I started toying with computers at a very young age. By 12 I was building geocities websites and the rest is history. I picked up on WordPress in the mid 2000’s and really got serious about it a few years ago. I’ve been the Webmaster for Sarasota Memorial Hospital and University of South Florida (I won bid to bring first WP Campus to our school this July!) since living in Sarasota. I’ve developed plugins available at WordPress.org and been featured in blogs such as WordImpress! Shiny New Toys.

Website: http://whoischris.com

James Hipkin

James is an accomplished, forward-thinking marketing professional with 25+ years of multi-disciplinary experience in marketing and marketing communications companies serving high-profile, global brands and B2C clients in consumer packaged goods, durables, transportation, telecommunications and financial services.

He has been involved in digital for more than ten years, first as President of a direct marketing agency in San Francisco, where he led the evolution of the agency from traditional direct marketing to digital. Clients included Apple and Wells Fargo online bank. And then as the head of a mid sized agency’s interactive group, with Toyota as the main client. He joined Red8 Interactive, a long term vendor, as an owner and managing director, five years ago.

Shelly Peacock

Shelly Peacock, AKA @Spinbird, has been in sales and graphic design since 2001, moving focus to include Social Media Management and Digital Marketing in 2007. She built her first WordPress site in 2009- as a way to make her designs “do stuff”, and as a portfolio for her art business. Shucked it all to run The SpinBird Group, a WordPress consulting and design business. She likes short walks on the beach, cabanas, and shooting opossums off her back deck with her shotgun. Daily Mantra: Life is short- GET #FIERCE WITH IT.

Our Moderator: Chris Lema

chrislemaChris Lema is a storyteller – and a storytelling evangelist.

You heard that right.

He tells stories about the importance of storytelling.

Until mid-April the CTO and Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite, Chris has spent the last two decades managing high-performing teams who build software products. (Largely, by telling them stories.)

Usually, that’s been SaaS products across a variety of B2B vertical markets. But the description also applies to his coaching practice, as he’s helped startups – in recent years primarily WordPress startups – develop more viable products and take them to market faster. You can find his blog at ChrisLema.com. Follow him on Twitter at @chrislema.


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Meet our 2nd Keynote: Aaron Jorbin

On day 2 of WordCamp St. Louis, we’ve invited Aaron Jorbin to deliver a keynote talk on Why WordPress Works This Way. Aaron is a core committer to WordPress, and was perfect for the job.


Aside from being a core committer, Aaron is from New York City, and is currently the CTO of Happytables. He has spoken at conferences around the world. He’s worked with Conde Nast, and worked on some well known websites like WIRED, The New Yorker, and Vogue.

An interesting fact for our beer fans, Aaron is an active user of Untappd, so you can follow along with him, or maybe catch a drink with him. If you’ve been wanting to meet him and talk with him, as an icebreaker, you might want to ask him what his favorite beer is.

Other interesting facts about Aaron:

  • He’s originally from Chicago
  • He’s Team Logan (Gilmore Girls reference)

Aaron’s describes his talk:

Ever wonder why WordPress approaches things the way it does? Or how something with so many contributors manages to hold together and grow, year after year?

Is there some quirk in the code, or the way we talk, that strikes you as, well, bizarre?

The single biggest strength WordPress can claim is not the user experience. It’s not the platform’s hundreds of contributors. It’s not even its phenomenally widespread adoption.

Nope. It’s the philosophies that underlie all that.

One benefit of those philosophies is a common trait of nearly all successful projects: A unified system for making decisions.

So let’s take a look inside the philosophies of WordPress core — and see how those principles guide the WordPress project.

From there, we’ll look at how defining philosophies in your own projects will make them better, too.

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Dev panel: Meet your panelists!

Where in St. Louis can you find a bunch of WordPress core committers in one room and ask them anything you want?

Usually, nowhere.

But Saturday, right after lunch, you’ll have exactly that experience in our Dev Panel.

Scheduled for the big auditorium for now, it’s a chance to find out almost anything you want to know about code, Core and why things work the way they do.


A few highlights of the panel include:

Michele Butcher

Michele is an active member of the WordPress community with a broad range of experience including web site security, user support, site maintenance, and hosting.

She’s also a natural instructor, having been a featured speaker at several WordCamps. Find her at her website, cantspeakgeek.com, or on Twitter.

Mike Schroder

Known as Shredder to many, Mike Schroder is a cross-cultural kid, coffee-drinking sailor, and lover of Open Source.

By day he’s a WordPress platform lead at DreamHost; by night, and sometimes by day, he’s a Core Committer. In fact, Mike was the release lead for WordPress 4.5, which just happens to be the latest version of the core platform.

You can find him blogging on geeky things at http://getsource.net

Pippin Williamson

A WordPress plugin developer from Hutchinson, KS, Pippin runs PippinsPlugins.com,  the founding/parent company of Restrict Content Pro, Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP and many more.

He’s is the lead developer on those products as well.

Outside WordPress, Pippin loves for sour beer, home brewing and cycling.

Reach him on Twitter: @pippinsplugins

Your moderator: Joe McGill

St. Louisan Joe McGill, a web developer at our own Washington University, will moderate the panel.

An active WordPress contributor, Joe helped lead the new respsonsive image feature in WordPress version 4.4, which came out this past winter.

Find him on Twitter: @joemcgill.


More panelists are still to be added, so check back and don’t forget to grab tickets.

Meet our Keynote: Chris Lema

We’re really happy to announce that Chris Lema is one of our keynotes at WordCamp St. Louis 2016. For our 5th WordCamp for St. Louis, we wanted it to be extra special, and what better to do that then have Chris Lema be a keynote!

Chris is from San Diego, California. He is a public speaker, and a product stategist. He’s also a daily blogger at ChrisLema.com. He’s also a dad, who have gotten his family to blog too! 🙂

Chris has become an inspiration to the WordPress community as a whole, especially in drawing them together. When he presents, he weaves a story that many can relate to.  His talks at WordCamps and other conferences, leave you thinking on how you can apply his concepts to your own business.

He’s also an inspiration to bloggers, proving that you can blog daily, still work, and still have time for the family.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed every talk he has done. One of my favorite quotes from a past talk by Chris, is “Hope is not a strategy.”

Chris will be speaking on The Future of WordPress & Where You Fit In. He describes his talk as:

There’s always a risk that the technology you invest in will disappear. WordPress as a product requires WordPress as a community to ensure a long future. Come hear Chris’ perspective on how what’s good for us is good for WordPress. Your future awaits.

He will also be a part of the Business panel on Day 2. Chris makes himself very available, so if you have some questions, you’re in luck!

We look forward to having Chris Lema at the event, and we think you will too.

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WordCamp St. Louis Speakers Announced: Round 2

WordCamp St. Louis is only weeks away, and we’re rolling out more speaker announcements.

Please check out our next set of speakers, and please do follow them on Twitter.

There’s a couple Twitter handles missing, but as soon as we find out, we’ll edit and post those.

We’ve also published our tentative schedule so you can see what will be covered.

If you haven’t already bought your tickets, you’ll want to buy now.

WordCamp St. Louis Speakers Announced: Round 1

We’re happy to announce our 1st round of speakers for WordCamp St. Louis.

Please welcome our first 10! We’ve included their Twitter handles so you can follow them.

If you’d like to learn more about each of our speakers, you can find them on our WordCamp St. Louis Speakers page.

Please stay tune to further speaker announcements. We’ve got a lot of news to roll out, including our Keynote speakers!

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